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The One Thing I Did to Help My Child Overcome ADHD

If you have a child with ADD or ADHD you know how hard it can be to find something that calms them and can keep their focus. I struggled for years to find something that would help my daughter find some peace from her racing mind. Finally, about a year ago I found something that has been a lifesaver.

The One Thing I Did to Help My Child Overcome ADHD

Before becoming fosters, my beautiful daughter was consumed by the idea that she was incapable of doing anything right.  I spent much of my time reassuring her that she was intelligent and capable and worthy. Unfortunately, she felt like my praise was biased. With the animals, it’s different. They respond to her loving nature and return the love, as animals do. She feels a sense of accomplishment when we get an animal that is anti-social and she can make it loveable and able to be adopted.

Since we joined the program I have seen an extraordinary change in her behavior. There is a joy in her that I have missed. She has a sense of purpose that she didn’t have before becoming an animal foster. The animals provide a calmimg effect. Things that used to be stressful for her, like schoolwork, have become almost easy. She sits and pets the animals while she is working and it provides her with the focus she needs to sit and complete her work.

This beautiful little girl has been on daily ADHD medications since she was 5 yrs old. I have always struggled with having her on medications, but because of school I felt like I had no other option. I fought for so long trying to find something that would help her enough to be able to finally take her off. Today I am happy to say that becoming a foster has helped her so much that she was taken off her medications 4 months ago, and has done GREAT.

Not only has fostering helped with her focus, it has also given her a level of responsibility that she never had before. She is responsible for all the care of the animals. She feeds and waters. Cleans up any accidents. Even changes and cleans the kitty litter boxes.

This whole experience has been wonderful for our whole family. I have seen my daughter grow as a person, and be able to come off her medications, which has always been my goal. If you can become an animal foster I highly recommend it. Not only will your child benefit from it, but you might even enjoy it yourself.

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  1. This is so awesome!! My daughter is undiagnosed but I’m pretty sure she has it… She does so much better, though, when she has something to be responsible for (and even though it pained me, I got her a hamster.) But the pets really do make a big difference for her, too! If I had less kids I’d totally foster animals, too, lol!

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